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Arlo,  a third generation cuban whose grandparents migrated to West Palm Beach Florida in the early 1970's, grew up in the tropics of South Florida.  The trumpet was his first musical instrument, eventually leading him on a path to learn guitar and accompanying his naturally strong vocals. His self taught musical background has been heavily influenced by the rise of a new 90's pop era and many dirty Havana nights.  Arlo made his debut to America appearing on the reality show stream line (American Idol/The Voice) that many artist seem to get lost in. After returning from filming on the west coast during the Spring of 2018, the studio work began. Developing his sound and crafting his debut music has been the primary focus during his partnership with Nashville Underground Management. Pulling in modern sounds from 90's pop, R&B, mixed with neo-soul, gives one just a taste of the current studio recordings.  Arlo has evolved into a premier songwriter, making a presence not only in the Nashville music community, but also becoming highly in demand as a collaborator with other emerging recording artists. 

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